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Top End Wire Only

Top End Wire Only

Introducing the Westhold Transponder Hardwired: Unleash Precision Timing and Data Acquisition in Your Legend Race Car

Elevate your racing experience with the Westhold Transponder Hardwired, a cutting-edge part in the Aftermarket, Bando, Legend, and Wiring race car part categories. Engineered for precision timing and reliable data acquisition, this transponder provides invaluable insights and performance metrics to fuel your quest for victory.

Designed with advanced technology, the Westhold Transponder Hardwired offers unrivaled accuracy and compatibility with race timing systems. Whether you're competing on a professional circuit or at a local track, this transponder ensures precise lap timing, allowing you to monitor your performance and analyze data with unparalleled precision. Stay ahead of the competition and optimize your racing strategy with the valuable information provided by the Westhold Transponder Hardwired.

Hardwired directly into your Legend race car's wiring system, this transponder offers a secure and reliable connection. With its streamlined design and precise installation, it seamlessly integrates into your existing wiring harness, minimizing clutter and maximizing efficiency. The Westhold Transponder Hardwired is built to withstand the rigors of racing, providing consistent performance and reliable data acquisition, lap after lap.

The Westhold Transponder Hardwired is engineered to meet the demands of competitive racing. Its compact and lightweight design ensures minimal impact on your Legend race car's performance, while the robust construction guarantees durability and longevity. Count on the Westhold Transponder Hardwired to deliver reliable timing and data acquisition, race after race.

Stay in sync with the latest technology advancements by choosing the Westhold Transponder Hardwired. Its compatibility with various race timing systems ensures that you can participate in a wide range of racing events without compatibility concerns. Gain the advantage of precise timing and accurate data acquisition, allowing you to fine-tune your driving technique and gain a competitive edge.

Safety is of paramount importance, and the Westhold Transponder Hardwired is built to meet rigorous industry standards. With its reliable and secure connection, you can trust that this transponder will function flawlessly throughout your races. Focus on pushing the limits of your Legend race car, knowing that your timing and data acquisition are in capable hands.

Upgrade your Legend race car with the Westhold Transponder Hardwired and experience the power of precise timing and accurate data acquisition. With its advanced technology, streamlined installation, and compatibility with race timing systems, this transponder is an essential tool for any dedicated racer looking to optimize performance and gain a competitive edge. Trust in the Westhold Transponder Hardwired to provide the precision and reliability you need to achieve greatness on the track.

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