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We live, breathe and sleep racing. 

We come from all forms of racing to bring you an all inclusive stellar customer service experience. We're offering two convenient locations for you to shop and pick up parts! Along with 4 sub dealers throughout the Iowa and Wisconsin area that cover every track in the two states. 


Griffin McGrath 

May be an image of Griffin McGrath and smiling

I have been racing for almost 20 years and been lucky enough to win over 100 features. Classes ranging from hobby stocks to Super late models. Now I race Legends cars across the Midwest as well as some select Super Late Model specials.  I am crazy excited to help continue to build the Legend and Bandolero classes by offering an unbeatable parts selection and the best sub dealer network in the country.  

Kevin Korsmo: "The old guy of the group" 

"Kevdog here. The real LEGEND of the group. Been turning circles on the asphalt for over 30 years and been looking for my phone of darn near that long too. I'm the one sporting the towel around my neck, sweating my butt off and drowning in Diet Pepsi! In all seriousness I have over 100 wins across the Midwest and look to use this knowledge to help create a great experience for all of our racers." 

Jeff King: "we got a guy" 

Raced at Hawkeye Downs when it was dirt. Now that’s old!

Raced around Iowa from 1987 to 2006 won races on both dirt and asphalt. 

Retired in 2015 from Penford Products. I failed At retirement by Starting two businesses, While having a full time job keeps me out of trouble! I promise to succeed at my next attempt at retirement.  

Michael Weber: 

Bio to come! 

Danny Lehmkuhl: "The Smooth Operator" 

I’m the guy that knows everyone and gets sent out when we need to borrow something.I have spotted more races than I’ll ever probably drive. I have been around racing about 20 years and traveled full time for almost 10 years with two Latemodel teams.
Career high lights, top top 5’s spotting in the Xfjnjty series.

Jordan Walker: "The only one without a car" 

Bio to come 

Robby Morrison: "North Linn Nightmare" 

"Robby here, in-house iRacing legend, almost Tiktok famous, and up and coming star of the #32 INEX legend car. If you're ever around the hauler I'm the guy wearing cowboy boots!"  

Kacey Korsmo: "Pretty boy" 

"Kacey aka Junior, the baby of the bunch but the best lookin. You will find me in the freshly pressed t-shirt, checking my hair in the mirror and most likely spinning out in hot laps. 

Rusty Shadden: 

Bio to come! 

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