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Timing Cover Kit (Used) 1200/1250

Timing Cover Kit (Used) 1200/1250

Upgrade your legend race car's engine with the Timing Cover Kit (Used) 1200/1250, a legendary car part designed for the 1250, Engine, and Legend categories. This kit is a cost-effective solution to maintain and improve the timing system of your race car's engine, ensuring optimal performance on the track.

The Timing Cover Kit (Used) 1200/1250 includes all the essential components needed to replace or upgrade your timing cover assembly. This kit consists of a used timing cover, gaskets, seals, and other necessary hardware, providing you with a comprehensive solution for a reliable timing system.

The used timing cover included in this kit has been inspected and tested for quality and functionality. While it may show signs of wear, it is still in excellent condition and capable of delivering reliable performance. This makes it an affordable option for those looking to enhance their engine without breaking the bank.

Designed specifically for the 1200/1250 engines, the Timing Cover Kit ensures a proper fit and compatibility with your legend race car. The included gaskets and seals help maintain a tight and secure seal, preventing oil leaks and ensuring efficient engine operation.

Installation of the Timing Cover Kit (Used) 1200/1250 is straightforward, especially for experienced mechanics. Simply remove the old timing cover and replace it with the components included in the kit. With comprehensive instructions and all the necessary hardware provided, you can complete the installation with confidence.

Choosing a used timing cover kit is an economical and practical solution for maintaining or upgrading your legend race car's engine. This kit allows you to optimize the timing system without the expense of buying brand-new components, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious racers.

Ensure reliable engine timing and maximize the performance of your legend race car with the Timing Cover Kit (Used) 1200/1250. Experience the peace of mind knowing that your engine is equipped with a quality timing cover assembly that has been thoroughly inspected and tested.

Choose the Timing Cover Kit (Used) 1200/1250 for its affordability, compatibility, and reliability. Keep your legend race car running at its best with this legendary car part kit, and enjoy the benefits of a well-timed and powerful engine on the track!

Comes With:

  • (1x) Cover (Used)
  • (1x) Gasket (New)
  • (4x) Bolts (New)

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