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1/4 Suspension Spacer (1/2 Bolt)


 Enhance the performance and reliability of your Legend race car with our top-quality 1/4" Suspension Spacer with a 1/2" Bolt. This specialty component is designed to meet the exacting demands of Legend racing, fitting seamlessly into your vehicle's suspension system.

Our 1/4" Suspension Spacer is meticulously engineered to provide precise suspension adjustments, ensuring optimal handling, stability, and weight distribution on the track. This valuable component allows racers to fine-tune their vehicle's suspension geometry for superior control and performance.

Crafted from high-strength, durable materials, this spacer is designed to endure the high-stress, high-vibration environment of Legend racing. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, resisting wear and tear even under the most intense racing conditions.

The spacer features a 1/2" bolt hole, compatible with standard Legend race car suspension systems. This design ensures a snug and secure fit, contributing to the overall safety and reliability of your vehicle.

Lightweight yet sturdy, our 1/4" Suspension Spacer does not add unnecessary weight to your vehicle, ensuring that speed and performance remain uncompromised. Moreover, its simple design ensures easy installation and removal, saving precious time during maintenance or adjustments.

Invest in our 1/4" Suspension Spacer with a 1/2" Bolt for your Legend race car to enjoy enhanced handling, superior performance, and improved reliability on the track. With this indispensable part, you can confidently push your vehicle to its limits and focus on driving towards victory.



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