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Bandolero Parts Starter Kit

This is the perfect Kit to have in your trailer to be prepared for anything. We have put together a kit of all the parts that typically break and bend.

Bando A Arm Assembly (LorR) x2
Bando Left Spindle (Chromoly)
Bando Right Spindle (Chromoly)
Bando Front Radius Rod 5.5" x4
Bando Front Tie Rod 7" x2
Bando Front Bumper Painted
Bando Rear Bumper Painted
Bando Chain
Bando Sprocket Guard 9" (Set/4)
Bando Clutch Shoe Replacement x3
Bando Clutch Spring (White) x3
Bando Fuel Filter
Zb&S Wix Oil Filter #57035
1/4 Suspension Spacer (1/2 Bolt) x4
ZB&S Intake Gasket
Bando 14 Tooth Clutch Drum
Bando Exhaust Gasket x2
Bando Valve Spring Ref#35 x4

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