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Brake Proportioning Valve

Wilwood Brake Prop Valve Only

Introducing the Brake Prop Valve: Fine-Tune Your Legend Race Car's Braking Performance!

Enhance the braking performance of your Legend race car with the Brake Prop Valve, a race car part specifically designed for the Brakes and Legend categories. Engineered with precision and built to deliver optimal control, this prop valve allows you to fine-tune your braking system, ensuring maximum stopping power on the track.

Ultimate Braking Control: The Brake Prop Valve is designed to give you ultimate control over your Legend race car's braking system. With its adjustable pressure settings, this prop valve allows you to precisely balance the braking force between the front and rear wheels. Fine-tune the bias to suit your driving style, track conditions, and vehicle setup, ensuring optimal braking performance in every corner and straightaway.

Optimize Braking Efficiency: By adjusting the brake bias, the Brake Prop Valve optimizes the distribution of braking power, improving overall braking efficiency. Achieve better weight transfer, reduced wheel lock-up, and increased traction during braking maneuvers. Experience improved stability, shorter stopping distances, and increased confidence in your Legend race car's braking capabilities.

Reliable and Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Brake Prop Valve is built to withstand the demands of racing. It is engineered to endure high temperatures, intense vibrations, and the rigors of aggressive braking. Count on its robust construction to deliver consistent performance, race after race. This prop valve is a reliable component that you can trust to enhance your braking system's durability and reliability.

Easy Installation and Adjustments: The Brake Prop Valve is designed for easy installation and hassle-free adjustments. With its universal fit and compatibility with Legend race cars, integrating this prop valve into your braking system is a straightforward process. Once installed, making adjustments to the pressure settings is simple and intuitive, allowing you to quickly fine-tune your brake bias to suit your specific racing needs.

Engineered for Legend Race Cars: Specifically engineered for Legend race cars, the Brake Prop Valve caters to the unique requirements of the Legend racing community. It is designed to complement the braking characteristics of Legend vehicles, delivering an upgrade that enhances control, balance, and overall braking performance. Whether you're a seasoned racer or a passionate newcomer, this prop valve is an essential component for unlocking your Legend race car's full braking potential.

Upgrade Your Braking Performance: Maximize your Legend race car's braking potential with the Brake Prop Valve. Fine-tune the brake bias, optimize braking efficiency, and elevate your control on the track. Experience the difference in precision and performance as you push your braking limits and race towards victory. Choose excellence and reliability—order your Brake Prop Valve today and take your Legend race car's braking to new heights!


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