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Cobalt #2 Front Brake Pads (Set/4)

Cobalt #2 Front Brake Pads (for light weight Wilwood calipers)

Introducing Cobalt #2 Front Brake Pads (Set/4) - Unleash the Power of Superior Braking Performance!

Upgrade your legend race car's braking capabilities with the Cobalt #2 Front Brake Pads. Engineered to deliver unmatched stopping power and enhanced control, these brake pads are designed specifically for legends race cars, ensuring optimal performance on the track.

When it comes to competitive racing, braking performance is crucial. The Cobalt #2 Front Brake Pads are crafted using cutting-edge technology and premium materials to provide you with the edge you need to outperform your rivals. These brake pads offer exceptional stopping power, allowing you to maintain control and maneuverability even in the most demanding racing conditions.

The Cobalt #2 Front Brake Pads excel in durability, offering extended pad life for consistent and reliable performance throughout races. With their high resistance to fade, they retain their effectiveness even under intense heat and repeated braking. This means you can push your legend race car to its limits, confident that your brakes will deliver every time.

Installing the Cobalt #2 Front Brake Pads is a breeze. Designed as a direct replacement for your stock brake pads, they seamlessly fit into the front brake system of your legend race car. The set includes four pads, ensuring complete coverage for both the left and right sides. This hassle-free installation allows you to get back on the track quickly and focus on what you do best – racing.

The advanced formulation of the Cobalt #2 Front Brake Pads minimizes brake dust and noise, providing a smooth and silent braking experience. This not only enhances your driving comfort but also helps maintain the cleanliness of your wheels and reduces wear on other brake components.

With Cobalt #2 Front Brake Pads, you can trust in their quality and performance. These pads are engineered by industry experts who understand the unique demands of legend race car braking systems. They have undergone rigorous testing to meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring reliability and safety every time you hit the track.

Elevate your racing game with the Cobalt #2 Front Brake Pads (Set/4). Unleash the power of superior braking performance and experience the confidence and control you need to take your legend race car to new heights. Dominate the competition with these exceptional brake pads that are built to win!


Set of (4)



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