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Lead Weight - 20# Bar Aprox ( 12" L X 2 1/2 W X 1 1/2 H )

Lead Weight - 20# Bar Aprox

Introducing the Lead Weight - 20# Bar Aprox, an essential addition to your Legend Race Car, coming from our esteemed Aftermarket category. This product embodies a commitment to enhance performance by effectively managing your vehicle's weight distribution.

The Lead Weight - 20# Bar is expertly engineered to help fine-tune your car's balance and handling. By strategically placing this weight, you can influence the vehicle's center of gravity, optimizing its performance during cornering, acceleration, and braking. This can make all the difference in competitive racing, where every fraction of a second counts.

Constructed from high-density lead, this 20-pound (approximately) bar is designed to withstand the demanding conditions of high-speed racing. Its robust construction ensures it retains its weight and shape, delivering consistent performance throughout its lifetime.

Designed for versatility, the Lead Weight - 20# Bar can be placed in various positions to accommodate different racing conditions and driving styles. This adaptability allows you to modify your car's handling characteristics as needed, delivering the right performance for every race.

Each Lead Weight - 20# Bar undergoes rigorous quality assurance procedures to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. By choosing this product, you're investing in a component that can help optimize your car's performance, helping you gain a competitive edge.

Invest in the Lead Weight - 20# Bar Aprox and experience the impact of strategic weight management on your vehicle's performance. Trust in the quality and reliability of our aftermarket parts, and take your racing to the next level.

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