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Legend Parts Starter Kit

This is the perfect Kit to have in your trailer to be prepared for anything. We have put together a kit of all the parts that typically break and bend.

This Kit includes:

RR Panhard Bar, 23.5" ALUM x1

Rear Trailing Arm, 12" ALUM x2

Tie Rod Strut Arm, 11" ALUM x2

Radius Rod, 6" ALUM x2

Ball Joint Large MOOG x1

Spindle Aluminum Kit (Left or Right) x1

Bumper Tab x4

Upper A-Arm Clevis x2

1/4" Suspension Spacer x4

1/2" Control Arm Spacer x4

3/4" Panhard Bar Spacer x4

Thunder Upper A-Arm x1

Heim 1/2" Left Teflon x4

Heim 1/2" Right Teflon x4

1/2"-20 Left Hex Jam Nut Plated x4

1/2"-20 Right Hex Jam Nut Plated x4

Front Bumper x1

Rear Bumper x1

Hood Clip x3

Spindle Arm x2

 *Not Pictured Front and Rear Bumpers

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