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Legends Car Cover (Specify Coupe Or Sedan)


High quality cover for either coupe or sedan. Custom made to fit either body style perfectly. 

Introducing the Legends Car Cover, a premium aftermarket legend race car part designed to provide reliable protection and safeguard your race car from the elements. Available in both coupe and sedan variations, this car cover is specifically tailored for legends racing, ensuring a precise fit and optimum coverage for your legend race car.

The Legends Car Cover offers exceptional protection for your legend race car, keeping it safe from dust, dirt, UV rays, and other environmental factors that can damage its exterior. Crafted from high-quality materials, this car cover provides reliable defense against scratches, moisture, and debris, preserving the pristine condition of your race car.

Designed with legends racing in mind, this car cover features a custom-fit design that perfectly matches the contours of your coupe or sedan model. Its precise dimensions and strategically placed fastening points ensure a secure and snug fit, even during transportation or storage. Experience peace of mind knowing that your legend race car is protected with this top-notch car cover.

Constructed from durable materials, the Legends Car Cover is built to withstand the rigors of racing and the demands of various weather conditions. Its sturdy construction and reinforced seams provide exceptional strength and longevity, making it a reliable companion for your legend race car season after season. Invest in a car cover that offers the ultimate protection for your valuable racing asset.

Using the Legends Car Cover is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design and hassle-free installation. With its lightweight and portable nature, this car cover can be effortlessly folded and stored when not in use. It also comes with a convenient storage bag, allowing for easy transportation and organization. Protect your legend race car effortlessly with this premium car cover.

The Legends Car Cover is a high-quality aftermarket accessory that delivers exceptional value for your legend race car. Its reliable protection, precise fit, and durable construction make it a valuable addition to any legends racing setup. Experience the difference in convenience, protection, and longevity with this top-of-the-line car cover.

Upgrade your legend race car's protection with the Legends Car Cover, available in coupe or sedan variations. Designed specifically for legends racing, this car cover offers superior fitment, durability, and compatibility, ensuring your race car remains in pristine condition. Trust in its quality, trust in its performance, and elevate your legend race car's protection to new heights.

Choose the Legends Car Cover for your legend race car and enjoy the benefits of superior protection and convenience. With its precision engineering and durable construction, this legend race car part is a must-have for any legends racing enthusiast. Upgrade your car cover today and keep your legend race car protected wherever it goes.

Covers all come black with no logo, read below for customization options!
We can also customize the covers for an extra $99.00. 
After you place your car cover order just give us a call or email us at to start the customization process!


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