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Ngk Spark Plug (Jr9C) 1200/1250

NGK Spark Plug (JR9C)

Legend Engine 1200/1250

Product Description:

Rev up your legend race car's engine performance with our NGK Spark Plug (JR9C). Designed specifically for 1200/1250 legend race car engines, this spark plug ensures optimal ignition and superior engine performance, letting you dominate the racing track with confidence and power.

The NGK JR9C Spark Plug is constructed from premium materials that deliver superior conductivity, durability, and heat resistance. Its advanced design ensures precise spark timing, while the robust construction guarantees longevity and reliability under extreme racing conditions.

With its exceptional heat dissipation and anti-fouling capabilities, this spark plug offers consistent performance, reduced emissions, and improved fuel efficiency. It's an essential component for any legend race car seeking to achieve the highest level of engine performance.


  1. Superior Conductivity: Made with premium materials for optimal electrical conductivity and efficient ignition.
  2. Heat Resistant: Exceptional heat dissipation capabilities ensure consistent performance under high-stress racing conditions.
  3. Enhanced Engine Performance: Precise spark timing boosts engine performance, reduces emissions, and improves fuel efficiency.
  4. Easy Installation: Designed for seamless integration with 1200/1250 legend race car engines.
  5. Durable Construction: Robust and reliable, built to withstand the rigors of high-intensity racing.


  1. Type: Spark Plug
  2. Model: JR9C
  3. Compatibility: 1200/1250 Legend Race Cars
  4. Material: High-Conductivity, Heat-Resistant Materials

With the NGK Spark Plug (JR9C), you're investing in superior engine performance and reliability. Unleash the full potential of your 1200/1250 legend race car engine today.




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