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Schroth 5-Point Camloc 2" Belt

Schroth 5-Point Camloc 2" Belt

Introducing the Schroth 5-Point Camloc 2" Belt, a premium legend race car part that prioritizes safety and delivers unparalleled protection on the track. Designed for aftermarket applications and falling under the Safety category, this 5-point harness system provides a secure and comfortable restraint system to keep you safe during intense racing conditions.

Crafted with precision and built to meet rigorous safety standards, the Schroth 5-Point Camloc 2" Belt is constructed from high-quality materials to ensure maximum durability and reliability. It features a 2" width, which provides a comfortable fit while maintaining excellent support and restraint for the driver.

Installation of the Schroth 5-Point Camloc 2" Belt is straightforward and hassle-free. The camloc mechanism allows for quick and easy adjustment, ensuring a snug fit that accommodates various driver sizes and seating positions. With its user-friendly design, you can focus on your racing experience rather than spending excessive time on installation.

The 5-point harness system offers superior safety and protection by distributing forces evenly across five contact points. This ensures that the impact forces during a collision or sudden maneuvers are effectively mitigated, reducing the risk of injury. The Schroth 5-Point Camloc 2" Belt keeps you securely in place, allowing you to maintain control and focus on your racing performance.

The Schroth 5-Point Camloc 2" Belt is designed with the comfort of the driver in mind. It incorporates adjustable shoulder straps, lap belts, and sub-belts, allowing for personalized fitment and increased comfort during long racing sessions. The durable hardware and high-quality webbing materials ensure longevity and reliability, even in demanding racing conditions.

Safety is of utmost importance in racing, and the Schroth 5-Point Camloc 2" Belt meets and exceeds industry safety standards. It undergoes rigorous testing and is trusted by professional drivers worldwide. With this harness system installed, you can race with confidence, knowing that you are equipped with a top-of-the-line safety solution.

Upgrade your legend race car's safety system with the Schroth 5-Point Camloc 2" Belt and experience the ultimate in driver protection and comfort. Trust in the quality and performance of this harness system to keep you secure during intense racing conditions. Prioritize safety without compromising on performance with Schroth, the trusted name in racing safety.

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