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Shock Bilstein Kit

Shock Bilstein Kit

Introducing the Shock Bilstein Kit, an exceptional addition to your Legend Race Car's suspension system. This cutting-edge part blends innovation with pure performance to offer an unrivaled driving experience, allowing you to conquer any track with maximum confidence.

Designed and manufactured by Bilstein, a globally respected brand in the racing industry, this shock kit promises unrivaled quality, reliability, and efficiency. Each piece in this kit is crafted to perfection, ensuring exceptional durability even under the most strenuous racing conditions.

The Shock Bilstein Kit delivers a significant boost in handling and suspension performance. It offers superior dampening, reducing vibrations, and increasing overall ride stability. This feature results in improved grip and reduces tire wear, enhancing your race car's longevity while giving you the edge during competitions.

This kit includes high-performance shock absorbers that utilize Bilstein's innovative monotube design. This state-of-the-art technology provides consistent fade-free performance, allowing you to maintain superior control of your Legend Race Car, even at high speeds.

The Bilstein shocks are also adjustable, giving you the flexibility to fine-tune your vehicle's suspension to suit any track condition. Whether you are navigating tight corners or conquering rugged terrains, this kit ensures optimal vehicle response and handling.

What sets this kit apart is its compatibility with Legend Race Cars. These are parts specifically designed to fit within the unique specifications of these vehicles, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

As a race car enthusiast or a professional driver, the Shock Bilstein Kit for Legend Race Cars is a worthy investment for your vehicle. Elevate your racing performance to new heights and experience the thrill of victory on the track. Get the Shock Bilstein Kit today, and redefine your racing experience!


-Aluminum coil-over 

-Coil-over nut and flat top 

-Two small clear zip ties  



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