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18" Braided Brake Line (Rear)

10mm, Male / Female, 18" OAL

Upgrade your legend race car's brake system with the 18" Braided Brake Line (Rear)—a high-quality car part falling under the Brakes, Fittings, Legend, and Lines categories. Designed to deliver superior braking performance and durability, this braided brake line is a crucial component for racing enthusiasts looking to optimize their race car's stopping power.

The 18" Braided Brake Line (Rear) is expertly constructed using high-quality materials, including a stainless steel braided outer layer for maximum strength and resistance to abrasion. This construction ensures exceptional durability, making the brake line capable of withstanding the intense demands of racing.

Featuring a precise 18" length, this rear brake line is designed to provide optimal fitment and compatibility with your legend race car. Its length is carefully calculated to offer the right amount of flexibility and reach, allowing for smooth and precise brake modulation and response.

The braided construction of the brake line enhances its performance by minimizing expansion under pressure, resulting in improved pedal feel and consistent brake response. The stainless steel braided outer layer adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding against potential damage and extending the lifespan of the brake line.

Installation of the 18" Braided Brake Line (Rear) is straightforward, thanks to its precision engineering and compatibility with your race car's brake system. Its fittings are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing brake components, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection.

Upgrade your legend race car's brake system with confidence, knowing that the 18" Braided Brake Line (Rear) has been tested and proven in the demanding world of racing. Its reliability and performance have made it a trusted choice among professional drivers and racing enthusiasts.

Choose the 18" Braided Brake Line (Rear) to optimize your legend race car's braking performance. Experience improved pedal feel, enhanced brake modulation, and consistent stopping power on the track, allowing you to push your race car to its limits with confidence.

Upgrade your legend race car's brake system with the 18" Braided Brake Line (Rear)—the perfect choice for racing enthusiasts who demand the highest levels of performance, durability, and safety. Trust in its quality and precision engineering to deliver the braking performance you need for a competitive edge on the race track.

Brake Line From Rear End "T" Fitting To Frame Bracket

Typically Used With Hard Brake Lines



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