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Tire - Asphalt - Hoosier Legend

Tire - Asphalt - Hoosier Legend

Retail price includes: $5.00 per tire cost of shipping for USLCI

Presenting the Tire - Asphalt - Hoosier Legend, a paramount part of your Legend Race Car's road-gripping capability. As part of the renowned Tires/Wheels category, this high-quality product epitomizes Hoosier's commitment to producing top-tier, performance-oriented racing components.

The Tire - Asphalt - Hoosier Legend is specifically engineered to deliver exceptional performance on asphalt surfaces. Its advanced tread design ensures superior road contact, providing your vehicle with optimal traction and handling. This results in improved lap times, enabling you to maintain a competitive edge during high-stakes races.

Constructed using Hoosier's cutting-edge rubber compounds, this tire offers excellent durability and heat resistance. These attributes ensure consistent performance even under the most grueling racing conditions. Its ability to maintain a stable contact patch with the asphalt, regardless of varying temperatures and speeds, plays a significant role in improving the vehicle's cornering and braking capabilities.

This tire is designed for an exact fit on Legend Race Cars, facilitating a smooth and hassle-free installation process. Its robust structure ensures it can withstand the extreme pressures of high-speed racing while maintaining its shape and integrity.

Each Tire - Asphalt - Hoosier Legend undergoes rigorous quality control and testing procedures to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance, durability, and safety. By choosing Hoosier, you're equipping your vehicle with a product trusted by professional racers worldwide.

Invest in the Tire - Asphalt - Hoosier Legend and experience the difference of top-tier racing technology on the asphalt. With Hoosier, you're not just buying a tire, you're investing in performance, quality, and the legacy of a racing giant.

At this point we can only sell tires into our specific territory. (Iowa/Wisconsin) We will keep everyone updated if that policy changes per USLCI. 


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