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Wilwood Bp-10 (Medium)

Wilwood Performance Pads

The Wilwood BP-10 (Medium) is a game-changing car part specifically designed for the Brakes and Legend categories in your legend race car. Engineered by the renowned brand Wilwood, this high-performance brake pad delivers unmatched stopping power, precision, and reliability on the race track.

Crafted with cutting-edge technology and superior materials, the Wilwood BP-10 (Medium) brake pad is built to withstand the extreme demands of racing. Its advanced formulation combines exceptional friction characteristics, temperature resistance, and fade resistance, allowing you to maintain consistent braking performance even under intense racing conditions.

Designed to optimize braking performance, the Wilwood BP-10 (Medium) brake pad provides excellent pedal feel and modulation. With its medium friction coefficient, it strikes the perfect balance between aggressive stopping power and controllable brake modulation, giving you the confidence to push the limits of your legend race car's braking capabilities.

Thanks to its proprietary compound, the Wilwood BP-10 (Medium) brake pad offers an extended pad life, minimizing wear and reducing the frequency of pad replacements. This not only saves you valuable time but also ensures cost-effective maintenance without compromising performance.

The installation of the Wilwood BP-10 (Medium) brake pad is a breeze, as it is designed to seamlessly fit into your legend race car's existing braking system. The precise dimensions and shape guarantee a perfect fit, while the included hardware ensures a secure and hassle-free installation process.

Upgrade your legend race car's braking system with the Wilwood BP-10 (Medium) brake pad and experience a new level of stopping power, control, and reliability. Whether you're navigating tight corners, executing precise maneuvers, or decelerating from high speeds, this brake pad is engineered to deliver exceptional performance that meets the demands of competitive racing.

Invest in the Wilwood BP-10 (Medium) brake pad and equip your legend race car with the industry-leading braking technology. Trust in its superior quality, reliability, and performance to enhance your racing experience and give you the competitive edge you need to outperform the competition.

Choose Wilwood BP-10 (Medium) and redefine your legend race car's braking performance. With its unmatched stopping power, precision modulation, and exceptional durability, this brake pad sets the standard for excellence on the race track.

- High performance street compound with improved friction, longer wear and lower dust levels than standard replacement pads.

- Beds quickly and provides fast response without high rotor abrasion.

- Baseline pad compound for most disc conversion and upgrade kits.

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