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Wilwood #15A-10142K Front Brake Pads (Poly-A)

Wilwood #15A-10142K (Polymatrix A) 

Introducing the Wilwood #15A-10142K Front Brake Pads (Poly-A): Unleash the Stopping Power in Your Legend Race Car

Upgrade your Legend race car's braking system with the Wilwood #15A-10142K Front Brake Pads (Poly-A), a high-performance car part designed to provide exceptional stopping power and reliable braking performance. Falling under the esteemed categories of Brakes and Legend, these brake pads are a crucial component for every racer seeking maximum control and precision on the track.

Crafted with precision and engineering excellence, the Wilwood #15A-10142K Front Brake Pads (Poly-A) offer exceptional durability and reliability. Constructed from high-quality materials, these pads are built to withstand the demanding conditions of racing, ensuring consistent and fade-free performance under intense braking pressures. Say goodbye to brake fade and embrace the power of confident stops.

The Wilwood #15A-10142K Front Brake Pads (Poly-A) feature a Poly-A compound, known for its excellent friction properties and high temperature tolerance. These pads are designed to deliver consistent braking performance across a wide range of temperatures, allowing you to maintain control and confidence during aggressive braking maneuvers. Experience the power of responsive braking and shorter stopping distances.

Installation of the Wilwood #15A-10142K Front Brake Pads (Poly-A) is straightforward, thanks to their precise fitment and compatibility with your Legend race car's braking system. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing setup, these pads ensure a hassle-free installation process. Spend less time in the garage and more time on the track, where you can focus on pushing the boundaries of your performance.

The Wilwood #15A-10142K Front Brake Pads (Poly-A) are engineered to meet the rigorous standards of professional racing, offering consistent and reliable braking performance. Their high-quality construction and friction material provide excellent wear characteristics and exceptional stopping power, giving you the confidence to brake later and carry more speed through corners.

Join the ranks of elite racers who trust the Wilwood #15A-10142K Front Brake Pads (Poly-A) to enhance their braking performance and maximize control on the track. Experience the power of responsive and reliable stopping, allowing you to push your race car to its limits with confidence. Unleash your legend and conquer the competition with the Wilwood #15A-10142K Front Brake Pads (Poly-A) today!

Legends Front Brake Pads

Wilwood's most aggressive compound. 

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