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Wilwood Lever Style Proportioning Valve


Introducing the Wilwood Lever Style Proportioning Valve, the ultimate braking solution designed specifically for legend race cars in the Brakes and Legend categories. Engineered to provide precise brake bias adjustment, this high-performance proportioning valve ensures optimal braking control and performance, giving you the competitive edge on the track.

Customizable Brake Bias: The Wilwood Lever Style Proportioning Valve allows you to fine-tune the brake bias of your legend race car with ease. Its lever-style design provides precise control over the distribution of hydraulic pressure between the front and rear brakes, allowing you to adjust the balance to suit your driving style and track conditions. Achieve optimal braking performance, minimize wheel lock-up, and maximize cornering potential with this versatile proportioning valve.

Enhanced Braking Control: Brake control is critical in legend racing, and the Wilwood Lever Style Proportioning Valve delivers unmatched precision and responsiveness. Its high-quality construction and advanced internal components ensure smooth and consistent operation, allowing for quick and accurate adjustments on the fly. Experience enhanced brake modulation, improved pedal feel, and superior control as you push the limits of your legend race car.

Durable and Reliable: Built to withstand the demands of intense racing, the Wilwood Lever Style Proportioning Valve is crafted from premium materials. Its robust construction ensures durability, heat resistance, and long-lasting performance in the most challenging conditions. With this proportioning valve, you can rely on consistent braking performance race after race, allowing you to focus on your driving without worrying about brake performance.

Easy Installation and Setup: Installing and setting up the Wilwood Lever Style Proportioning Valve is a straightforward process. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to integrate into your legend race car's braking system. The valve is compatible with various brake configurations, providing versatility and convenience during installation. With its user-friendly design, you can quickly adjust and fine-tune the brake bias to suit your specific needs.

Trusted by Racing Professionals: The Wilwood Lever Style Proportioning Valve is trusted by professional drivers in the legend racing community. Renowned for its exceptional performance and reliability, this valve has been tested and proven on the track, making it a popular choice among racing enthusiasts. Join the ranks of elite drivers who rely on Wilwood for their braking needs and gain the competitive advantage you deserve.

Upgrade Your Braking System: Elevate your legend racing experience with the Wilwood Lever Style Proportioning Valve. Fine-tune your brake bias, enhance braking control, and unleash the full potential of your legend race car. With its precision, durability, and proven performance, this proportioning valve is a game-changer on the track.

Note: The Wilwood Lever Style Proportioning Valve is designed for brake bias adjustment and compatibility with legend race cars. It's important to ensure that the installation and adjustment of this part comply with any applicable race regulations or restrictions before use. Regular inspection and maintenance of the proportioning valve and braking system are recommended to ensure optimal performance and safety.

-You will need to upgrade brake lines to accommodate the addition of this product to your braking system. Please call so we can find out what lines you might need.  

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