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Wilwood Polymatrix 6812Q Pads

Wilwood Polymatrix Performance Pads

Introducing the Wilwood Polymatrix 6812Q Pads, the ultimate braking solution for legend race cars. This exceptional car part falls under the prestigious categories of Brakes and Legend, delivering unrivaled performance and reliability when it comes to stopping power.

Engineered with precision and expertise, the Wilwood Polymatrix 6812Q Pads are specifically designed to meet the demands of high-performance racing. These brake pads are crafted using advanced materials and technology to provide exceptional braking performance and consistent pedal feel, lap after lap.

The Polymatrix 6812Q Pads offer superior stopping power and exceptional fade resistance. Their high-friction compound provides maximum braking force, allowing you to confidently navigate corners and decelerate with precision. The pads are designed to deliver consistent performance under extreme racing conditions, ensuring you have the braking control you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Designed with durability in mind, the Polymatrix 6812Q Pads are built to withstand the rigors of intense racing. The advanced materials used in their construction deliver excellent wear resistance, extending pad life and reducing the need for frequent replacements. This ensures you can focus on racing without worrying about brake pad maintenance.

Installing the Wilwood Polymatrix 6812Q Pads is a straightforward process. They are designed to be a direct replacement for your legend race car's stock brake pads, making for a hassle-free installation. With their precise fitment and compatibility, you can quickly and easily upgrade your braking system, optimizing your car's performance and safety in no time.

Equip your legend race car with the Wilwood Polymatrix 6812Q Pads and experience the difference they can make in your braking capabilities. Trust in their superior performance, fade resistance, and reliability to provide you with the braking control you need to excel on the track. Whether you're a professional racer or a passionate enthusiast, these brake pads deliver the confidence you need to push the limits of your legend race car.

Choose the Wilwood Polymatrix 6812Q Pads and elevate your braking game to new heights. Dominate the track with unparalleled stopping power, consistent pedal feel, and enhanced control. Unleash your legend race car's full potential and leave a lasting impression with the Wilwood Polymatrix 6812Q Pads, the ultimate braking solution for legends of the race.

-High performance ceramic based street formula

-Lowest dust and noise

Compatible with all types of steel or iron rotors

Aluminum rotors for racing

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