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Bando Pedal Hanger

Bandolero Pedal Hanger

Introducing the Rear End Housing - Unleash the Power and Performance of Your Legend Race Car!

Upgrade your legend race car's rear end with the Rear End Housing, a top-tier component designed specifically for Legend models. This high-performance part is a game-changer, delivering unparalleled strength, durability, and reliability to maximize your race car's potential on the track.

Built to withstand the demands of competitive racing, the Rear End Housing is constructed with precision and quality in mind. Crafted from robust materials, this housing offers exceptional durability and structural integrity, ensuring it can handle the intense forces and stresses experienced during high-speed races and tight cornering.

The Rear End Housing plays a critical role in supporting your legend race car's rear axle, differential, and suspension components. It provides a solid foundation for these vital elements, allowing for optimal power transfer, stability, and control. With this housing in place, you can push the limits of your race car's performance, confident in its ability to handle the rigors of the track.

Installation of the Rear End Housing is straightforward, thanks to its precision engineering and compatibility with Legend models. This part is designed to seamlessly fit into the rear end of your race car, ensuring a precise and hassle-free integration process. Its user-friendly design means you can spend less time on installation and more time fine-tuning your race car for ultimate performance.

The Rear End Housing is not only built for strength and durability, but it also offers customization options to suit your racing needs. It provides various mounting points and brackets, allowing for easy attachment of additional components and accessories. This versatility enables you to optimize your legend race car's rear end setup to match your driving style and track conditions.

Designed for the Legend race car category, the Rear End Housing is the ultimate solution to elevate your racing experience. Whether you're a professional racer or an enthusiastic amateur, this high-performance part will transform your race car, providing the strength and reliability needed to dominate the competition.

Upgrade your legend race car's rear end with the Rear End Housing and unleash its true power and performance. Experience the durability, precision, and versatility this exceptional part brings to your racing adventures. Take control of the track and drive with confidence, knowing that you have the superior quality and reliability of the Rear End Housing supporting your legend race car every step of the way.

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