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Bando Sprocket Guard 9" (Set/4)

Z Sprock Guard 9" (Set/4)

Introducing the Z Sprock Guard 9" (Set/4), the ultimate legend race car part designed to protect and enhance the performance of your Bando, Clutch, Rear Axle, and Sprocket components. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this sprocket guard set is a must-have for any serious racer looking to optimize their legend race car's drivetrain.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Z Sprock Guard 9" (Set/4) offers exceptional strength and resilience, ensuring long-lasting protection for your crucial drivetrain components. Its rugged design shields your sprockets, rear axle, and clutch from potential damage caused by debris, collisions, or track hazards, providing peace of mind during intense racing competitions.

With a 9" size, this sprocket guard set offers comprehensive coverage for your legend race car's drivetrain system. The set includes four guards, providing full protection for all corners of your sprockets and rear axle assembly. Each guard is meticulously designed to fit seamlessly into your legend race car's specific configuration, ensuring a perfect and secure fit.

Installation is a breeze with the Z Sprock Guard 9" (Set/4). Engineered for user-friendly assembly, these guards feature precise mounting points and compatible fasteners, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation. Whether you're a seasoned mechanic or a passionate enthusiast, you can easily upgrade your legend race car's drivetrain with these guards and enjoy enhanced protection and performance.

By safeguarding your sprockets, rear axle, and clutch, the Z Sprock Guard 9" (Set/4) helps to extend the lifespan of your drivetrain components. With reduced wear and tear, you'll experience improved reliability, smoother power transfer, and enhanced overall performance on the track. This means more time focused on racing and less time worrying about potential drivetrain issues.

Equip your legend race car with the Z Sprock Guard 9" (Set/4) and experience the peace of mind and performance advantages that these premium-grade guards provide. Unleash the full potential of your legend race car's drivetrain and conquer the racetrack with confidence. Don't compromise on protection—choose the sprocket guard set trusted by legends in the racing community.

Upgrade your legend race car's drivetrain system today with the Z Sprock Guard 9" (Set/4) and take your racing performance to new heights. Embrace the reliability, durability, and enhanced protection that this exceptional part delivers, and leave your competitors in awe. It's time to race like a true legend.




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